Allu Arjun campaign in support of Congress? Where is this video?

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There is an election rush in Telugu states. Major parties are busy with nominations and campaigns. It’s election time. there is a war of words going on between the main parties. In addition to this, there is a war of tweets and posts on social media. During this election, some videos and photos are going viral on social media. Some cybernauts are making old videos and photos. Recently, a video of Tollywood hero Allu Arjun is going viral.

What’s in the viral video of Allu Arjun on social media?

Allu Arjun’s video is going viral on social media. Some netizens who shared this video are making it viral saying that Allu Arjun is campaigning in support of the Congress party in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections. Controversial film critic and Bigg Boss contestant Kamal R Khan also shared this video.

What is the real truth about Allu Arjun’s video?

This viral video related to Allu Arjun is dated 2022 by BOOM. It has been established that Allu Arjun participated in the India Day Parade anniversary program in New York, America. It turns out that Allu Arjun did not campaign in support of Congress.

Has the truth been confirmed in this video?

BOOM found this video in Google Lens. By reverse image searches some keyframes were found. photos with some news articles related to Allu Arjun were found.. those articles are also related to the video. Hindustan Times also published an article on Allu Arjun’s America program on 22 August 2022. When Allu Arjun was invited to the anniversary of the India Day Parade held in New York, he declared that he participated in this event.

A search based on that lead with some associated keywords also found another video on the official YouTube on August 23, 2022. The video description mentions ‘Icon Star Allu Arjun as the Grand Marshal of the 40th India Day Parade held in New York’. Below you can see the difference between the fake video and the original video (August 2022). Which he shared on his Social media.

According to the Federation of Indian Associations website, the India Day Parade is held every year in August. Indo-American culture and Indian flair are all coming together. This India Day Parade event represents the fusion of Indo-America. Indians living in America, along with visitors from different countries participate in the parade by holding the Indian flag and bearing witness to Indian culture and identity. He said it shows the cultural and social bond.


According to the original video on YouTube and the stories of many media organizations, the video which is going viral on social media is fake. Allu Arjun was confirmed not to campaign in support of the Congress party.
(This story was originally fact-checked by BOOM and translated & edited by Samayam Telugu, as part of the Shakti Collective).

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