Vikrant Massey Engages in Altercation with Cab Driver, Viral Video Sparks Controversy

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A recent video featuring Vikrant Massey has surfaced, leaving viewers surprised and intrigued. The viral video captures a heated argument between Vikrant Massey and a cab driver. This incident has rapidly gained traction on social media. In the footage, Massey can be seen arguing with the driver over a fare dispute. Notably, the entire altercation revolves around a sum of 450 rupees.

Altercation with Cab Driver:

Some users on social media are labeling the altercation as a prank video. However, the viral video depicts the cab driver accusing Massey of refusing to pay the fare, despite reaching his destination. Massey, on the other hand, questions the exorbitant fare, stating that he was initially quoted 450 rupees. He expresses disbelief at the sudden increase in fare.

Controversial Video Goes Viral:

In the video, Massey is heard questioning the driver, “Why should I pay? Why are you yelling?” Even as he questions the driver, Massey also queries why the camera was turned on. He further accuses the driver, “Are you threatening me? How did the fare suddenly increase? I’m not saying it’s your fault, but it’s not mine either. You’re saying it’s the app’s fault, isn’t that wrong?”

Insight into Vikrant Massey:

Amidst this, Vikrant Massey continues to bask in the success of his film ’12th Fail’. Directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, the film has not only impressed audiences but has also made a significant mark in the film industry. Vikrant Massey and Medha Shankar’s performances in the film have garnered widespread acclaim, sparking discussions across various OTT platforms where the film was released.

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