Income Tax Department Introduces New Feature for Taxpayer Convenience: Track Pending Proceedings with a Click

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The Income Tax Department has introduced a new feature for the convenience of taxpayers. This feature will assist taxpayers in tracking their pending tax proceedings with just a click. The feature has been added to the e-Proceedings section and will aid taxpayers in tracking letters, notices, and intimations issued by the Income Tax Department.

With this feature, taxpayers will be able to track all pending proceedings in one place. Upon clicking on this new tab, taxpayers will be able to track all notices and pending tax processes. Taxpayers can also respond to them online.

Key Highlights of the New Feature:

  1. Search Option: The new tab includes a search option. Taxpayers can search for specific notices if needed.
  2. Elimination of the Need to Visit Income Tax Department: Taxpayers will no longer need to visit the Income Tax Department for every task. Through the ‘e-Proceedings’ tab, registered users can view and respond to various notices and communications issued by assessing officials, Central Processing Center (CPC), or any other tax authority.
  3. Process: Taxpayers need to visit the e-filing portal and log in with their credentials. From the dashboard, they can navigate to the ‘Pending Actions’ section and access the ‘e-Proceedings’ tab. This feature will greatly assist taxpayers, saving them time and making it easier to respond to notices.

Information Available in the ‘Pending Actions’ Section:

  1. Notices under Section 245
  2. Defective notices under Section 139(9)
  3. First-time adjustment under Section 143(1)(a)
  4. Substantial improvements under Section 154
  5. Notices requested for clarification
  6. Notices issued by any other tax authority.

This new feature marks a significant step towards simplifying tax procedures and enhancing the convenience of taxpayers in India.

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